IAAF athletes’ commission letter to WADA: “RUSADA can not be reinstate”

Yesterday IAAF athletes commission sent a letter to WADA Executive Committee to ask not to reinstate the RUSADA anti-doping agency, as conditions still not satisfied by the russians , including the recognition and acceptance of evidences of the Russia national doping, listed in the McLaren report.

The letter (the content of which is available on the IAAF website) it is a direct consequence of the polemics born in the last days after the news that WADA would propose a compromise to Russia, to allow lifting of the suspension of its Anti-Doping Agency. In recent days there was also a stern stance of the executive director of the US anti-doping agency Travis Tygart, followed by the resignation of the former cross-country skier Beckie Scott from the Wada athletes committee.

WADAhas published a long press release on its website on September 15th, in which he speaks of “speculation and disinformation”, specifying that “there is nothing new or worrisome”, as it would properly respecting the roadmap and the conditions for reintegration of RUSADA. Furthermore, in the press release it is specified that in the absence of the conditions, including the receipt of a copy of the former database of Moscow laboratory (which would contain other evidence of doping of russian athletes) within a strict time limit, the Russian anti-doping agency will not be reinstated.

The difficult discussion about the possible reintegration of the Rusada will take place today at the Wada executive committee meeting held in Seychelles.

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