TAS-CAS reply to false accusations of Italian newspapers about Schwazer case

TAS-CAS of Lausanne reply to the false accusations by the italian newspaper “La Repubblica” about Schwazer case. In the journalistic investigation entitled “The glory and the mud” by journalists Carlo Bonini, Attilio Bolzoni and Fabio Tonacci, the Sports Arbitration Tribunal was accused of having presided in 2016 in Rio a “farce trial” against Alex Schwazer. However, the press office of the TAS-CAS replied to a simple e-mail from us with a copy of the article from “La Repubblica” attached.

An excerpt of the grounds for Schwazer’s 2016 disqualification ruling

The response from the TAS was rather aseptic, but still significant:

“Good morning,
Thank you for your message.
There was no particular issue in this matter

Mr. Schwazer filed an urgent appeal at CAS on 18 July 2016, an expedited procedure was initiated at the request of the athlete: the hearing took place on 8 August 2016 and a final award was rendered on 11 August 2016.
[TAS-CAS award on Schwazer’s doping disqualification]

The athlete did not file an appeal at the Swiss Supreme Court against that TAS-CAS award.

Later, in December 2019, he filed a request for revision which was rejected by the Swiss Supreme Court in March 2020.
[Swiss Federal Court Award that rejects Schwazer’s appeal]

As far as CAS is concerned, there was no particular element in this case which could justify any attack against our institution.

Yours sincerely, CAS Media Office”

This response denies the journalistic investigation in which there was even talk of “outlaw sports justice”, but in which surprisingly it failed to mention the document of the reasons for the conviction of Alex Schwazer, which alone would dismantle most of the written mendacity by the newspaper “La Repubblica”.

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