Finally the real podium of 50Km in Rome 2016 (VIDEO). Jared Tallent and Marco De Luca heroes of clean sport

Taicang (CHN) – It took two years, but finally even this shame of doping has been completely erased. The IAAF has chosen to repeat the award ceremony of the racewalk 50Km in Rome 2016 on the occasion of the 2018 Team World Championships, also to give the right spotlight to the event.

The story is well known: Alex Schwazer who came first to the finish line of 50Km in Rome 2016, in August of the same year he was disqualified (again) due to doping, with consequent cancellation of his result. The podium in that race was then corrected, Jared Tallent (AUS) who earns yet another posthumous gold, Igor Glavan (UKR)silver and our Marco De Luca bronze. The award ceremony then took place again two years later, in the usual surreal atmosphere that unfortunately characterizes these dutiful celebrations, but also because of the absence of the ukrainian athlete. Here is the video of the event:

To remember that despite the disqualification of the South Tyrolean athlete, the 2016 classification confirmed the italian team of 50Km (Marco De Luca, Teodorico Caporaso, Matteo Giupponi and Federico Tontodonati) on top of the world of that edition of the championships.

The winning team of the 50Km ranking in Rome 2016. From left F. Tontodonati, T. Caporaso, M. De Luca, M. Giupponi (Photo FIDAL COLOMBO/FIDAL , elaboration LaMarcia.Com)

Honor therefore for Jared Tallent, who in China has also received the gold medal posthumous of Racewalking World Cup in Saransk 2012; still a podium rewritten due to doping (disqualifications of russian athletes Sergey Kirdyapkin and Igor Erokhin) and again victory for Tallent, silver for Tianfeng Si (CHN) and bronze for Christopher Linke (GER). Honor for Marco De Luca, that from the excellent race in 50Km of Rome has obtained, albeit with sad delay, a well deserved medal not only of bronze, but of inestimable ethical and moral value.

Finally, honor to all clean athletes, especially those unjustly penalized by the frauds of doped athletes.

Marco De Luca rejoices during the award ceremony in Taicang (Photo FIDAL COLOMBO/FIDAL)
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