Schwazer still at the CAS: new hearing scheduled in a week

Yet another chapter of the Schwazer case has been scheduled for February 27, 2024. The former South Tyrolean race walker will once again find himself in a hearing (probably remotely) before the CAS court in Lausanne to once again discuss the request for a doping ban reduction rejected by WADA at the end of 2023.

What we read in the only official information on the Court of Arbitration for Sport website is that case no. CAS 2023/A/10209 would concern not an appeal against the World Anti-Doping Agency, as announced by Schwazer on TV to “Big Brother” before his exit from the house, but his complaints would be addressed to the World Athletics Federation, World Athletics. A detail that would once again make one think of a specious request or one addressed to the wrong person.

As with tennis player Simona Halep’s hearing before the CAS, no immediate outcome can be expected.

However, the hopes of being able to participate in the next Paris 2024 Olympics remain nil for the former Racines athlete, also given the similar precedents which were discussed in detail in this clarifying article on the Sprint News portal which explained the reasons for the failure to reduce his doping ban period .

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