Vladimir Savanovic challenge Tom Bosworth for record of walk 1500m. Will it really happen?

Overbold? Maybe. But the serbian Vladimir Savanovic launched the “glove” of the challenge without too many pleasantries to the british Tom Bosworth, holder of the best world performance on the unusual distance of the racewalking mile (1609,344m). The athlete from the Balkans, which everyone will remember for the spectacular start in the 50Km of Rio 2016, has addressed directly to his opponent with a clear and unequivocal Facebook post:

“Challenging world record holder Tom Bosworth on the distance 1.000 – 1.500m any time AND PLACE.
My indoor PB 1000m is 3:30.74. Please someone inform Tom about this. The huge problem is to find some meeting again on 1.500m as 2017 in GBR. HE WAS BRILLIANT BUT MY OPINION is … lets see your speed man .. lets dance.. find youself some speed walker with clear technique.. Barrondo is good but judges stopped him. For VS no problems with them.”

Savanovic, 32 years, after participating in Rio 2016 was decided to reduce his activity mainly in national borders and over short distances. If you think that his challenge is just a provocation you should change your mind, since we asked him some questions about the matter and he simply and sincerely added some really interesting aspects to the whole story:

You really want to challenge Tom?
Of course, I come back to the track just for this. But on one condition.

And what would it be?
We will have to walk under the control of technology, without loss of contact.

You mean electronic system for loss of contact ?
Exactly, it can be interesting. In a fast race so it is easy to fly. This record is not strong difficult, but doing it without electronic loss of contact control is ridiculous.

You think you can succeed?
Watch my race in 3’30” and you’ll see who is the fastest…

The serbian champion two years ago had to stop the clock at 3’30”74 on racewalk 1000m, in the inaugural race of the new Belgrade indoor track that took place on March 1, 2016 on the occasion of the “1st SERBIAN OPEN INDOOR MEETING”.

Tom Bosworth, who would still be the favorite in the hypothetical challenge, answered only yesterday on Twitter, proposing instead a “little race in training”. The british athlete was, however, already starred last year, in addition to the record performance of mile, also in a singular match “walk VS run”, raising in one side the support of those who evaluated the two events an excellent promotion for racewalking, in other side the disapproval of those who considered such initiatives too circus and harmful to the image of our discipline.

Vladimir Savanovic (SRB) in action on the indoor 1000m in Belgrade 2016

Tom Bosworth (GBR) 1 mile in London Diamond League 2017

Tom Bosworth (GBR) in action in the exhibition “walk VS run” in Birmingham 2017

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