Cristiana Pellino left us at the age of 48: the memory of her teammate Gisella Orsini

Cristiana Pellino left us at just 48, today is a sad day for the whole Italian racewalking. The former athlete of the Forestale team was fighting a serious illness and unfortunately today was given the news of his death. Our condolences go to the family and to all the people who have known and appreciated she over the years.

Here is a memory of Cristiana written by her teammate, Gisella Orsini:

To the inevitable question, “Why Cristiana?”, The universe hardly takes the trouble to reply: “Why not?”

There are many thoughts that pile up in my mind right now, a tangle of beautiful memories that I struggle to focus, because blinded by the flash of unbelief and dismay at this incomprehensible and unacceptable disappearance.

With difficulty the photographs of the past begin to take shape and take shape, and here is the laugh of “Chicca”, unmistakable, unfailing, punctual in every moment of the day.

The racewalking, the specialty that she loved so much, made sure our lives were intercepted and that the bond was consolidated after training, race after race around the world.

With a pindaric flight I find myself proudly celebrating with her the many Italian titles of companies with our team; or we are counting spasmodically the days that are missing at the end of the umpteenth and tiring gathering of walkers, far from all our affections, but part of a community, the one that sports like fresh clay around your life.

In my hands flow the many photos that portray us together, where we are walking or we are hugging and we are laughing, because with Cristiana you could never ever be sad, she was an explosion of generosity, availability and contagious happiness.

Remembering it right now is terribly difficult, terribly, but one thing is clear and unequivocal, I will miss you Cristiana, you will miss us all.
One day, we’ll see each other again.