Alex Schwazer thinks we are fools?

May be Alex Schwazer believes us stupid and forgetful. It is not enough for him to appear everywhere (newspapers, Sanremo and numerous other TV appearances), will also come a television series which will be “freely” taken from new book in which Sandro Donati will tell us about the “world conspiracy against Alex Schwazer”; obviously from the point of view of an alleged WADA consultant.

Yesterday further and avoidable 10 minutes of interview in the well-known TV show“Le Iene”, than with the reporter Antonino Monteleone announce the start of the umpteenth “bomb” investigation. Except that one of the main purposes of this website is defend the racewalking as a sport even from unlikely stories and false heroes, it would be enough to send all these media lies to the devil, because all this antics really broke our balls and ridicules Italian sport in the eyes of the rest of the world

But in a few minutes of interview many facts that do not correspond to the truth have been told, and we who are neither stupid nor forgetful, and do not forget the important things, publish a 7 POINT REMINDER(not enough to explain a history of more than 10 years, but it is enough for now), naturally without wanting to bother the Italian journalists who, like a doormat, dozed off in front of their heroes’ doors:

  1. Schwazer never provided any fundamental information on doping of Russian athletes. Regarding Schwazer’s inconsistent revelations, the Anti-Doping Prosecutor’s Office expressed this in 2015: “the intermittent statements made by the same (Schwazer), who was heard by the Anti-Doping Prosecutor three times, and the conflicting statements, are emblematic and speak for themselves“.
  2. It is not true that Sandro Donati activated the controls that found Schwazer positive in 2012. It was the CIO, WADA, IAAF (with also the initial contribution of Doctor Fischetto) who had already scheduled three consecutive doping controls: the last found Schwazer positive at the EPO. The matter had already been clarified by WADA and by the deposition in court by the expert Pierre-Eduard Sottas, which totally denies Sandro Donati’s version.
  3. Italian doctors accused by Schwazer were acquitted in all courts (criminal and sporting) precisely because Schwazer’s accusations were of no particular relevance and were not deemed so credible.
  4. It is not true that testosterone micro intakes are useless, as Schwazer already knew them well in 2011, because even then he bought and took testosterone. In addition, Schwazer in 2011 had collected information on the internet on how to take Andriol, or micro intake of testosterone, just those taken by doped cyclists followed by Michele Ferrari (his “athletic trainer” from 2009 to 2011). Maybe Alex wants us to believe that the “private” doping controls that Donati made him do in the 2015/2016 period were as stringent as the official ones? Even if they did not give him a steroid biological passport (they did not enter the values in the official ADAMS database) and therefore did not have the possibility to take an IRMS test to detect testosterone? It’s well known, even endurance athletes use testosterone to cheat, so now Alex wants to tell us about him, the man of the “Turke Liste”, that testosterone is useless? It is not necessary to establish whether or not Schwazer had a working doping plan in 2016, the violation lies in taking a substance that is prohibited.
  5. In the phases of the urine journey on January 1, 2016 (found positive for testosterone) there is no false declaration or interruption of the chain of custody; the TAS-CAS award had already explained everything, retracing the steps and questioning all the people involved. The test tubes in the stopover in Stuttgart were properly locked in an authorized office.
  6. The Bolzano judge who recently dismissed Schwazer’s criminal position with a dismissal order (which is neither a sentence nor an acquittal), bases its beliefs on just a far-fetched hypothesis. The fact is that Schwazer remains banned for the sport until 2024. It is funny that “Le Iene” now consider Italian justice infallible, especially after having repeatedly challenged in the past with unlikely journalistic investigations and unlikely conjectures, the true sentences confirmed by the Italian Supreme Court.
  7. In the McLaren report, a tool was actually tried to open anti-doping samples, succeeding in the intent but leaving some small but visible signs. In the samples manipulated in Sochi the signs found were really imperceptible or even absent, therefore it was never really understood in what specific way the Russians could have done their cheating. Moreover KGB agents with the support of the Russian government were involved in the Sochi operation, all in Russia. The Russians, while opening and closing the urine samples (another hypothesis is that they had a machine to duplicate the broken caps) made real substitutions of the urine of doped athletes with those of other non-doped people, and in fact WADA discovered different DNAs in those test tubes. For Schwazer, however, the DNA of the urine is only his own and his expert at the opening of sample B of the counter analyzes, viewed the sample and stated that it was properly sealed. So what would be the proof of the “conspiracy” against him?

After the reminder is necessary to speak of Dr. Fischetto, which may be unpleasant even to the whole world, but it is one person who was acquitted of all charges in all courts. See again that the recording of a private phone call from 2013, devoid of relevance and in fact never ended up in the acts of his own trial, is circulating freely among the editorial offices of newspapers and TV throughout Italy, only highlights how the Italian media cling to everything to make the news, and that the cowardly criminal is the one who takes irrelevant records from the investigation documents and disseminates them to the press only because he wants to discredit and accuse innocents of a non-existent conspiracy. Moreover, if a resident of Rome says in a private conversation on the phone that a doped athlete who has deceived all of Italy “addà morì ammazzato” (let’s hope he goes to hell), what’s wrong? Can’t he even send him to hell? Because playing with the interpretations and conversations taken out of the general context, without even considering the mood of that moment, then you can say everything about everyone.

Italians often have short memories. Do you remember for example Schwazer’s internet research on somatropin and GH in 2008 before the Olympic victory? Why was the future Olympic champion gathering information on how to take these substances? Why our champion in 2008, before the 50Km in Beijing, he had bought a hypobaric/hypoxic compressor (using his mother’s name) and used it in violation of the anti-doping law of the Italian Republic? Why Schwazer is still the 2010 Barcelona European champion, when has bargained his criminal conviction for use of doping 2010-2012?.

Well, it would be nice if, as he himself requested, Schwazer could speak with the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, perhaps telling him not only the unreal conspiracy theory but something more, perhaps starting from 2006 and from his collaboration with Doctor Conconi, even just to prove that he, like us, is not forgetful.

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