Tzadzimaki promising debut on 20km. Denopoulos and Makri 50Km Greece champions

Schinias (GRE) – Took place yesterday the Greek Championships on racewalk 50Km, an event enriched also by other challenges from 1Km to 20Km depending on the category. The races were characterized by strong and cold winds, particularly difficult climates and prohibitive conditions, especially for the 50K walkers.

Promising debut for the young U20 Yiorgos Tzatzimakis, who gets a good time of 1h30’36” on 20Km; the athlete coached by Ilias Gkaravelas has once again shown that he has the ability to be of high level, an excellent omen for the upcoming IAAF U20 World Championships, which will take place from 10 to 15 July in Tampere (FIN).

On the men’s 50Km Kostas Denopoulos was the winner in 4h24’57”, and this is his second national title after the 2016 victory; second place for Dimitris Tsordias in 4h26’36”, third for Kostas Stamelos in 4h35’18”. Italian Gregorio Angelini withdrew.

In the women’s 50km, first edition of race, the thirty-nine Angeliki Makri won in 4h56’00”, overcoming Nikolitsa Andreopoulos and Eftathia Kourkoutsaki who finished their fatigue respectively in 5h05’39” and in 5h34’21”.
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A few moments of the youth 1000m  competition won by young Angel Kalogeropulos

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